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Obscurus Elite

One of the Communities of Hybrid Elite for Writers
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Hello! It seems that you have stumbled upon Livejournal's first Harry Potter Hybrid Elite! This community is for our members to show off their writing skills in drabbles, chapter fics, and in essays even to the rest of the members.

Posting Guidelines

obscurus_elite accepts original works by members of hybrid_elite. Please follow the rules when posting.

01. The subject line should include the category(ies) of the work(s), the title, and "challenge," and challenge number in parentheses if the work is in response to a challenge.

For example: If You Say So: A Drabble (Challenge #16)

02. Each work should be prefaced with the following information:

• Title
• Summary
• Rating/Warnings

03. All works should be behind an lj-cut.
04. Your Name and House should be clearly marked OUTSIDE of the lj-cut.
05. Submissions should be tagged with the category, "challenge" and the number (if in response to one), rating, and characters.

Categories and Points

Taggable categories include drabble, ficlet, fic, essay, poetry, and challenge and number.

These categories break down depending on word count, and if it's in response to a challenge to determine points. Point values by category include:

Fanfiction, Poetry and Essays:

• (Drabble) 100 words or less: 2 Points
• (Ficlet) Less than 500 Words: 5 Points
• (Fic) More than 500 Words: 10 Points

Challenges :

There will be challenge promps posted monthly for each category of drabble, ficlet, fic, and poetry. Challenges receive extra points as long as they are tagged and labeled correctly. Points will be stated when challenges are given.

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