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June 16 2008
Time for another Contest!!!! [

[ mood | calm ]

Let's get active people! I know I've been slow with the prompts, but no one really used them, so I don't think I'll be putting them up again unless people ask. So, here's another writing activity for points for everyone! 

Write a 200-500 word fic, about a day in the life (or just a few hours) of any Hogwarts student post-graduation from Hogwarts. 
What are they doing with their life? Are they married, do they have a job, or have kids? Did they marry their highschool sweetheart, or someone completely different?
did they get the job of their dreams, or are they stuck working the cash register at Madam Malkin's? Please write about Trio-Era Characters only, please. 

Points: 1st place: 30 points
              2nd place: 20 points
             3rd place: 10 points
                 Participation: 5 points

Due By June 23rd, Voting June 23, Winners Posted June 27

June 2 2008
Results for the Sorting Song Contest! [

[ mood | cranky ]

First place: sinistrasnape with 35 points to Slythinpuff with this entry:
Are you ambitious, hard working?
Shrewd and loyal too?
If so, the house of Slythinpuff
is surely the place for you! 

Second place: irisgrace with 25 points to Huffledor with this entry:
Slythinclaws are cunning and smart
so if you hate muggles or dabble in art
then get to your house and pwn all the newbs
Cause Slythinclaw is the house for you! 

May 28 2008
Voting for Sorting Contest! [

Other than myself, I only had one participant write their own sorting song for a hybrid house. Pitiful.....
Anyway, here are the entries for you to vote on.

Creativity is the keyCollapse )

And here's a handy texty box for you to copy paste from.

May 27 2008
Reminder and Points [

You have one more day to submit your Hybrid Sorting Song Entries! Only one person other than myself has participated, so I would really like some more entries otherwise I recieve at least two placing positions. Voting will go up tomorrow morning, so be sure to have your entries in before 9 am EST.

Now onto the Points!

For the Alphabet Fic Writing Activity:
ashlein recieved 2 points for RavenPuff!
Way to go!


May 21 2008
Not Another Writing Contest?!?! [

[ mood | creative ]

The Contest: Write a verse of the sorting song for a hybrid house. 
The Rules: You may not write about your own house, and you may submit up to three. It may not be longer than four lines.
The Dates: This contest will run from today untill May 28th, and voting will be put up shortly after. 
The Pointses: 35//25//10//5 for 1st//2nd//3rd//Participation  respectively

Questions? Ask away!
Please include your name and house in your entry.
All comments are screened.

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